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Adoptive Parents

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Building Families. Creating Futures.

Adoption Options works with you to help create or add to your family through adoption. Our caring and supportive staff will guide you through every step of the process. An adoption journey isn’t always a straightforward path, but no matter what brings you to us, we welcome you.

We know that many people come to us because of personal experiences, whether it’s struggles with infertility, pregnancy losses or a strong desire to expand your family through adoption. As many clients (especially for our International program) adopt for reasons that are not because of fertility loss but more of a calling or may be a relative adoption.

Types of Adoption

Finding the Right Adoption for You

Our caring counsellors will provide you information regarding your options, including referrals to other services if required.

Domestic Open Adoption

Open adoption brings birth parents together with prospective parents. The birth parents select the family they wish to adopt their child, and after placement there is ongoing contact between the birth family and adoptive family. The majority of adoptions through this program are infants.

International Adoption

International adoption is for those wishing to adopt a child from another country. Those looking to adopt a relative from another country would also go through the international adoption process.

For more information adoptive parents are welcome to email Tara Zimmerman directly at

Private Direct Adoption

Private direct adoptions most commonly refer to a step-parent or kinship / family adoption. It can also be when birthparents or a child’s legal guardian place the child with a family they know.


Make A Difference Right Now

We strive to keep fees for adoptive parents affordable. Donations to Adoption Options let us provide professional services in the adoption community free of charge. Adoption Options is a not-for-profit agency and a registered charity.

Waiting Families

Below you can find a few of the excited, loving families like you who are ready to welcome a child into their lives. Check out their pictures, “Dear Birth Parent” letters and relevant background information to see what types of information birth parents are looking for.

Looking to take the next step on your adoption journey?

We are here to give dedicated, unbiased support. We are inclusive, and everyone involved is treated with dignity, respect and absolute honesty. By reaching out to us, you are starting the process of building your family and creating a brighter future for everyone involved. Reach out to us today to begin.

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