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Biological Family Services

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Supporting Your Future

Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy? You aren’t alone, even though it can feel that way. You likely have a non-stop flurry of questions running through your mind without any answers. The good news is we are here to help you through the entire process. Our caring staff will treat you with dignity and compassion as they help you explore the options available to you.

Whether you choose to create an adoption plan with us, or you decide to take a different path, we can refer you to professional resources in your community who will support you along your way. We are always available to help answer questions like:

  • What are my options?
  • Is there someone I can talk to who won’t judge me?
  • How do I tell my family and friends that I am pregnant?
  • How do I tell them that I am considering adoption for my child?
  • Can my child’s father be included in the counselling and decision-making?
  • If I choose to parent my child, what resources are there to help me?
  • If I decide adoption is the best option, can I pick the family for my child?
  • Can I see my child after he is born; can I have a relationship with her as she’s growing up?
  • Will there be support for me after the adoption?
I just felt like I was in this hole of “OMG what am I going to do?” And then suddenly the lights came on and there was this community of people. And there were these families that wanted children. And that’s what I wanted, I wanted a family for my son. And I found that

What to expect

Support through care, compassion and options

Our caring counsellors will provide you information regarding your options, including referrals to other services if required, along with support as you navigate your feelings regarding your pregnancy, your future and the future of your child. When it comes to adoptive families, you decide who, and the degree of openness that suits you. We’ll also provide counselling for everyone involved during and after your pregnancy, plus support from support group meetings, professional counsellors and experienced birth parents.

In need of pregnancy support?

If you are in urgent need of support, please text or call.


Open Adoption

What is Open Adoption?

Open adoption is adoption that brings birth and adoptive families together. We recognize how important your birth child is to you, and how important you are to them and their adoptive families.

In open adoption, you are empowered and involved in the adoption process, selecting the family for your baby, having face to face meetings with the family, exchanging full identifying information and having ongoing contact.

Waiting Families

If you are interested in exploring this option further, Adoption Options has over 100 thoroughly vetted and approved waiting adoptive families for you to consider.

We’re here to support you.

We are here to give dedicated, unbiased support. We are inclusive, and everyone involved is treated with dignity, respect and absolute honesty. By reaching out to us, we promise you can make an informed decision and the right decision for you. Reach out to us today.

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