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Matt & Jessica

Waiting Families

Matt & Jessica’s Story

Hi there!

We are Matt and Jessica! For as long as we both can remember we’ve always wanted to be parents, especially since getting married. Open adoption has always been something we have seriously considered, even when our infertility issues were unknown to us.  We are really excited to become parents through adoption!

 From our home, we have easy access to great bike trails, parks, and schools. Matt is a mechanical engineer who works downtown, and since we live close he is able to walk or bike to work! Jessica works from home as a remote adult educator. She is able to go for lots of walks during the day with Rowe, our dog and sometimes meets Matt on his walk back from work.

We both come from outdoorsy active families and have carried that tradition on as a couple. We can’t wait to have a little one join in on our adventures. As a family we would be doing a lot of camping, biking, hiking, and travelling. We love mountain biking and try to get out a couple times a week in the summer. In the winter we love backcountry snowboarding, even Rowe loves to come with us! We can’t wait to introduce our children to the sports and activities we love.

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