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David & Scott

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David & Scott’s Story

Hi there! We are David and Scott, a committed and loving couple who have been together for the past 9 years. And what an adventure it’s been! 

We always wanted a child to love and raise but never thought it could be a possibility. That’s where the world of adoption, and the love of a birthmother, has given us hope. 

We both love our careers and have dedicated them to helping our community. Scott works in government and David works for a non-profit helping small businesses. At home, we have a gorgeous 12-year-old cat named Luka. And recently welcomed a new Goldendoodle puppy name Keltie! She has brought a ton of fun, laughs, and joys to our life. 

We love spending time outdoors, everything from walks in the park, to growing food in our garden and spending time in our sun-filled backyard. In our spare time, we enjoy celebrating the seasonal holidays, playing board games or hanging out with family and friends, and exploring new activities in our city. Scott loves aquariums and computers, while David dabbles with inventing and design. 

With Love,

David and Scott

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