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Collin & Lora

Waiting Families

Collin & Lora’s Story

Lora & Collin with their two awesome cats Albee and Marlowe. We are creative people who have careers in the arts and digital media industries.

We love hearing people’s stories and sharing our own. We love music, reading, and seeing theatre and movies. We take trips to Canmore, Calgary, and BC. We love to walk in the river valley and the ravine near our home. We enjoy BBQs and backyard visits with our friends and family.

Lora’s hobbies include: knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, reading, gardening, baking, and yoga. Collin’s hobbies are: running, exercising, reading, writing, and learning new video editing skills.

After 8 years of struggling with infertility, we’re hopeful that adoption may be the path forward to help us build a family. Our hearts and our home are open and full of love to share.

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