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Josh & Bethany

Waiting Families

Josh & Bethany’s Story

We are Joshua (Josh), Bethany and Reese. We are living proof of the adage opposites attract. We are each other’s best friends and primary supports. Our home is full of love, music, laughter, and joy. We are the goofy family that wears ugly Christmas sweaters, runs together (really far together), dresses up for Halloween, gardens, makes road trip playlists, and quotes Shakespeare and Star Wars.

Having children join our family through adoption was something we talked about early in our relationship. Due to our medical histories, bringing a child into this world through birth was a low probability for us. We both knew that our family was meant to be created another way. After a few years of preparation and research, we prayerfully and humbly began the process of open adoption. We were honoured to have been matched and placed with a beautiful baby girl, Reese Nicole.

Favourite hobbies/activities/talents for us are: J – Jokes O – Outdoors S – Sawing (welding and woodshop) H- Hockey; B – Books E – Event Planning T – Theatre H – Horseback Riding A – Aerial Arts N – Nature Y- Yoga and R – Reading E – Entertaining E – Exploring S – Singing E – Eating. 

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