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Darlene & Kirk

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Darlene & Kirk’s Story

We are Kirk and Darlene and it’s always been a dream and deep desire to be Mommy and Daddy for some little ones. We are a loving and devoted married couple with our Cavapoo puppy, named Biscuit. We enjoy adventure, nature, the arts, family, friends, community, travel and the comforts of home. Darlene is a teacher with French Immersion students and enjoys her job greatly because she loves children. Kirk is an electrical engineer and works hard to design systems to help people communicate. Having children naturally has not worked out in our favour through long struggles with infertility.

Life together is spent sharing the things that make our hearts happy. Darlene makes everything beautiful which can be seen in our home décor, garden, artistic pursuits such as photography, and in playing the piano and guitar. She loves finding amazing deals when shopping at vintage/consignment/thrift stores. Darlene has endless curiosity, goes scuba diving any chance she can and loves to teach others about the beauty of the world around them. Kirk values the importance of story which inspires his collections of books, movies, music and a very large action figure/Lego collection. Kirk loves to cook and uses this as an excuse to bring friends together to encourage connection. Kirk has a generous and compassionate heart and is always there to listen and help. We both love to travel, spending time with family and friends, experiencing live music/arts, playing games, and going for walks. Biscuit is an active part of our adventures always bringing lots of personality, companionship and snuggles along the way.

We are a well-established Christian couple who would be very hands-on parents. For the child/children in our care, we would foster a loving environment where creativity, wonder, imagination and play will be encouraged, while exploring the outdoors with a smattering of puppy snuggles and fun throughout each day! We will teach them important values such as to always be kind, thoughtful, honest, inclusive and polite so that they can grow up to be outstanding adults who are compassionate and contribute to society in wonderful and positive ways.

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