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Mary & Neil

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Mary & Neil’s Story

We are Mary and Neil, a couple looking to start the next chapter of our life through open adoption. We want to adopt because we aren’t able to have a biological child, despite our wish to start our family! 

Mary’s start in life was as a Chinese refugee from the Vietnam War, arriving in Canada at the tender and impressionable age of three. Mary pursued her PhD in biochemistry and medical science. Mary also enjoys jogging and music in her spare time.

Neil was born and raised in Alberta, and obtained his engineering degree following high school. While his job is technically demanding, his creative side comes out in his hobbies of photography, cooking, and travel. 

We enjoy spending time with our extended family and friends. The future grandparents are loving, big-hearted, and caring and would love nothing more than to have another grandchild to love! 

Our day-to-day life will always incorporate our values and kindness to others, while making room to always find joy in the smallest moments of life. Our dream for our child is that they develop their distinct ways to contribute to the world to their fullest potential, and that they nourish their relationships, and in so doing, experience and share happiness and content in their uniqueness. 

We also value a mutually open relationship with our child’s birthparent(s) – and because of this our child will feel an abundance of love that only they can distinctly experience, and they will be able to confidently bring their uniqueness to their life’s path. 


Mary and Neil

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