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Mary & Neil

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Mary & Neil’s Story

Hawo Hoo-mans!

My name’s Bailey and those two two-legged people behind me are my mum and dad. When I was just a young pup, I was rescued by them, and now they feed me treats in exchange for letting them rub my belly! Pretty sweet deal, even when they try to make me high five before I get some bacon!

My mom Mary was born in a far away country, but came over at a very young age, and then got her doctorate in biochemistry. I think that means she knows how to make good cookies; but she talks a lot about helping others in medical clinical trials and labs (I hope she means laboratory, ‘cuz I dunno know if I have lab in me!) She takes me out for jogs many days unless it’s too cold and I’d rather snuggle under the blanket. When she sits down to play the piano, I like to grab my squeaky toy and perform a duet!

My dad Neil was born and raised in Alberta and loves to take me around to places to show me how bootiful it is! I do have to sit and wait sometimes while he takes his photos, but he’ll also throw a ball for me to chase into the forest and chase me around! Thankfully many days he’s also busy with his engineering job, so I can get in some good zzz’s.

My hoo-mans seem to talk a lot about growing our family (like getting me a two-legged friend to play with), but I have never heard of a two-legged doggy before, so I think they mean a little one like them. My mum and dad say they want to raise them with the same kindness and joy they are training me with. They say they have much love to share and are excited to experience the joy of every moment with them. And I certainly wouldn’t mind an extra pair of hands to rub my belly, chase me, and snuggle!


Bailey the pup with my mum Mary and dad Neil

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