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Steve & Ellie

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Steve & Ellie’s Story

Hi! We are Steve, Ellie, and Kaia. We met through mutual friends, and we tied the knot in 2008. Early on in our relationship we knew we wanted to have a family together. We struggled with unexplained infertility and pregnancy losses before pursuing adoption. We are ready to complete our family through open adoption and provide a loving and caring home to another child.

The best thing about our little family is that it doesn’t matter what we are doing, so long as we are all together. We have a very fun, active life and it will be important for us to share these adventures with our children. We can’t get enough of the outdoors whether it is hiking, biking, spending time at the lake and so much more. We also enjoy playing games, crafting, or just watching a movie together. We love taking weekend trips to explore new places. 

My future sibling (written by Kaia):

‘I am excited to be a big sister because I have never had a sibling before, and I would always play with them. I would give them my toys and share. I would give them lots of hugs, love, and cuddles. I will help change its clothes and help mummy and daddy. I will teach them how to do things, like how to colour and I will read them stories. I will always hug them bye when I go to school. I can’t wait to be a big sister and I will give them lots of love.’ We are excited to complete our family through open adoption and Kaia is so excited to be a big sister. We thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us!

Ellie, Steve and Kaia

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