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Justin & Derrick 

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Justin & Derrick’s Story

For us, family is the most important drivers in our lives. After meeting 7 years ago, we have fostered a happy life together with a shared dream of growing our family. We became first time parents in 2020 when we welcomed our son Silas home. Becoming parents has been the best, most amazing and rewarding role we will ever have and hope to continue to grow our family.

We live in a quiet neighbourhood surrounded by trees, parks, playgrounds and schools all within walking distance. Having a house with a back yard with enough room to play and for family time spent together is important for us. As a family we love to cook and eat together. Silas loves to help in the kitchen and our favourite food to make together is homemade pizzas! Having a healthy active life is also very important for us. We are out typically riding our bikes every day in the spring, summer and fall, out for walks, lots of playground and splash park time and swimming lessons. Having our child participate in sports and do many activities together as a family is something we value.

We love to travel and it has been special to share these experiences with our child. We have been to the mountains and the ocean with Silas and look forward to many more family adventures! We both love music and share this passion with Silas and look forward to sharing with our future children as well. There is lots of singing in our house and provide Silas many creative activities including painting, colouring and crafts. We look forward to sharing these activities and adventures with our growing family and future children. 

Justin & Derrick 

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