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Private Direct Adoption

Private Direct, Relative and Spousal Adoption

Birth parents may place their child directly with a family they know, or within their own family, such as with a grandparent, aunt and uncle or this may be a step parent situation known as private direct adoption. While complicated, our staff at Adoption Options are experienced in the process. They are ready and waiting to assist you through the oftentimes overwhelming process.

Whether you are adopting a child related to you, a step-child or through another relationship, if you know the birth parent beforehand, it is likely considered a private direct adoption. We can guide you through the filing, navigating provincial differences if the child was born outside Alberta, provide adoption seminars and home studies if required, preparation of court documents and more. Charges will only apply for the services you choose.

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We are here to give dedicated, unbiased support. We are inclusive, and everyone involved is treated with dignity, respect and absolute honesty. By reaching out to us, you are starting the process of building your family and creating a brighter future for everyone involved. Reach out to us today to begin.

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