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Walter & Naoko

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Walter & Naoko’s Story

We are Naoko and Walter. We met in Montreal 15 years ago, started out as rock-climbing partners and soon decided we wanted to spend our lives together. We are now looking forward to growing our family through open adoption.

Naoko works as a Data Scientist, where she enjoys using math and statistics to help people understand company data. In her free time, Naoko is an aspiring writer, writing short stories in her native Japanese. She also loves gardening and grows many different fruits and vegetables in the backyard. 

Walter is self-employed as a 3D artist and toy-designer. He loves his work and is always creating something, whether it be models for 3D-printing or original songs on his guitar. Walter also loves running and biking, and training for his annual half-marathon. 

We both love spending time outdoors.  We run, bike and go birdwatching in the large provincial park near our house, and in the summer, we go to our community lake every day for dinner and a swim. Walter’s extended family lives nearby and we look forward to weekend dinners and large family gatherings on holidays. We also try to visit Naoko’s family in Japan once a year and fit in a hike on a Japanese mountain or seaside.

After a couple of failed pregnancies, we decided to look into open adoption. Coming from different backgrounds ourselves, we love the idea of a child being able to maintain a connection to their birth family. We are so looking forward to sharing adventures with a child and watching them grow and learn about the world.

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