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Paddy & Kaity

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Paddy & Kaity’s Story


We’re Kaity and Paddy and, along with our little dog Suki, we can’t wait to welcome a child into our family.

Originally from Ireland, Paddy works as a Project Manager and has been living in Canada for 9 years. Kaity describes him as a kind, consistent and reliable man whose greatest joy is when he is laughing and connecting with people.

Kaity was born in Calgary and works as an HR Advisor. Paddy describes her as a dedicated and attentive person with a huge heart who is happiest when she is surrounded by friends and family. 

We met 15 years ago teaching English in Korea and have been married for 8 wonderful years. We can usually be found spending time outside, going for dog walks around the parks in our neighborhood and enjoying day hikes in the mountains. 

We are both lucky to come from large, close families. Paddy’s family live in Ireland and we try to see them as often as possible. Kaity’s family, including our young niece and nephew, live close by and we get together to celebrate life events and have weekly family dinners. We also enjoy spending time with our friends and their families’, celebrating birthdays, baby showers, sports events and, of course, St. Patrick’s Day.

Although we haven’t been able to have biological children, we know that adoption is right to grow our family. We are looking forward to introducing a child to all of the wonderful people in our lives and to supporting, loving and celebrating them as they grow up.

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