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Mario & Monica

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Mario & Monica’s Story

Hello!  We are Mario & Monica. In 2017, we adopted our little boy. We hope you will consider us as parents for your baby, too.

Mario works in I.T. and Monica in Education. As a family, we enjoy the simple pleasures: being outside on our bikes or toboggans, eating ice cream, picnicking, camping and travelling. We believe in providing our child(ren) with access to extra curricular activities like library, music and sports programs. 

But above all, we want to ensure our child(ren) enjoy a happy childhood with access to opportunities that will help them grow into well adjusted, capable adults. We are close to our extended family, and welcome you, too, to become a part of it.

Looking to take the next step on your Adoption Journey?

We are here to give dedicated, unbiased support. We are inclusive, and everyone involved is treated with dignity, respect and absolute honesty. By reaching out to us, we promise you can make an informed decision and the right decision for you. Reach out to us today.

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