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Leanne and Diana

Waiting Families

Hello! We’re Leanne and Diana!

We met in 2017, got married in 2021, and have been living our “happily ever after” with our pup, Ralphie. We have always wanted to be parents, and growing our family through adoption would bring us so much joy.

Diana is generous and thoughtful. She is caring, affectionate, and easy to talk to. Leanne is selfless, kind-hearted, passionate, and intelligent.  We bonded over our mutual love of sports, and Diana loves to cheer on Leanne’s hockey team!  We always make each other laugh and find ways to bring joy into our everyday activities.

We truly are best friends, and we enjoy doing everything together! From adventures in New York and Las Vegas to evening bike rides, golfing, mountain adventures, and watching movies at home, there is nobody we would want to be doing life with besides each other. We have absolutely loved our journey together since the day we met, and we are so excited to start our next adventure: parenthood!

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