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Jeff & Amber

Waiting Families

Jeff & Amber’s Story

Well, it took us awhile to get here but WE. ARE. READY! Jeff and Amber spent over 10 years in each other’s orbit before gravity finally pulled us together. Our separate stories had so many wonderful chapters of lives well-lived, and the one we now live together is a page turner. Now that our story includes a journey to adoption, it makes it that much more exciting to tell.

We’re intrepid, feisty and resourceful, and have so much to share. Amber’s everyday superpowers include perfect parallel parking and somehow managing to get paint on every pair of pants she owns. Some of Jeff’s everyday superpowers are impassioned storytelling and dismantling an organized room in 5 minutes or less.

We might be a couple minutes older than the average first time parents but all that means is that we’ve had a few more trips around the sun to fortify who we are and what we hold dear. We have so much adventure left and more than enough space, time, and love to be starting a family at this time in our lives. We love to travel, make, grow, fix, and play, and we know we’re ready to add a little set of feet to our footprints in the sand.

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