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Greg & Tayah

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Greg & Tayah’s Story

Meet Greg and Tayah, a vibrant couple who love sharing joyful experiences together, one of those being cooking. Well let’s be honest, Greg cooks and Tayah eats. Greg is a phenomenal cook and Tayah is an exceptional baker. In fact, her key lime pie is famous among family and friends. Greg and Tayah love spending time outside biking, snowboarding, playing hockey, surfing, going to concerts, comedy shows and travelling and exploring new cultures. They also enjoy playing golf. Greg’s great at it and Tayah just started and hits it everywhere she’s not supposed to including trees, water, and the clubhouse patio. 

More than anything in this world, they want to adopt a child and share these adventures with them, teaching them lessons and allowing them to carve their own path. It’s important to Greg and Tayah that the child always be given the freedom to stay true to themselves, be proud of their roots and know that they will be loved and supported beyond measure. 

Family and friends mean everything to Greg and Tayah and if selected, your child would be welcomed with open arms into a family that has been waiting to meet them for a very long time. 

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