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Gordon & Larissa

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Gordon & Larissa’s Story

Hi! We are Gordon and Larissa. We are loving, intelligent, responsible, and funny people. We’ve been in a lovingly and committed marriage for over 6 years and been inseparable since the beginning. Our incredible life fills with laughter, love, and happiness. Growing our family is always the dream that we have, and we are looking forward to sharing our lives with a child. We are fortunate—we both come from stable and loving families who have supported us throughout our lives and we both have full time jobs in careers that we love. Gordon is super handy person and full of skills and knowledge. He can almost fix everything. Larissa is super organized and talented. She loves to keep house clean and tidy. We both enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, camping, and travelling, we also enjoy game nights and movie nights being together. Adoption has always been something that we have talked about and been excited for, we look forward to welcoming a child into our family and providing lots of opportunities for creating new memories and experience together.

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