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Elizabeth & Wil

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Elizabeth & Wil’s Story

We are Elizabeth and Wil, and we have been together for over 10 years. As a couple, we collaborate on most things or projects, bounce ideas off of each other, do things for each other selflessly, have a strong sense of morality, and believe in the golden rule of treating others how we would like to be treated, and give everyone a chance.

We have so much love to give and believe that a child would be a wonderful way to complement our family as we nurture and guide him/her. We enjoy home cooked meals or going out for family dinners, camping with the dogs, bicycling around our beautiful neighbourhood, home improvements, and the occasional motorcycle ride. We are active volunteering with the local community association, and we enjoy entertaining and being with our friends and family.

We have a stable and strong foundation with lots of family support.

Elizabeth & Wil

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