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Christopher & Hilary

Waiting Families

Christopher & Hilary’s Story

We’re Hilary and Christopher (“Chris” is fine too!), and we’d like to introduce ourselves. We got married in 2015 and have been hoping to grow our family with a child ever since. 

Best description to sum us up? FUN. Well, we think we’re fun. It’s our particular brand of fun: the slightly geeky, introverted, artsy, food-loving, book-devouring (or food-devouring and book-loving) kind that doesn’t involve biking off cliffs or jumping out of perfectly good aircraft.

Though we both have serious office jobs, we feel like we’re big kids ourselves, and can’t wait to share our silly, fun-loving selves with another person. We enjoy animated movies, children’s books, terrible puns, french fries, and making up our own lyrics to songs. Including a child in our regular activities seems like a natural and normal choice.

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