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Brennen and Whitney

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Brennen and Whitney’s Story

We are Brennen and Whitney. Both of us grew up on farms and enjoy living in a smaller community. Keeping us entertained and busy 24/7 are our two dogs. Their names are Kenna and Dakota.

Strong family values and ethics is some of the reasons we are choosing open adoption, for the ability to have and build the relationships as well a way to ensure the child knows they are loved by their birth family.

As a couple we have the same personalities: kind, caring, respectful, loving and patient. Having these personalities was also another reasoning adoption was chosen. Our talents and abilities are adaptability and communication, which is why our relationship has been so strong over the years and continues to grow.

Brennen’s hobbies are golfing and kayaking. Whitney likes to plant and go for walks in her spare time. Together we enjoy the outdoors by camping, fishing, side by siding. Winter activities we both enjoy are skidooing, ice fishing and skating. The many road trips and travel for these activities is another part we take joy in. Of course, any time we spend with our family and friends is an enjoyable time also.

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