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Zoey’s Story

Adoption is an amazing way to grow your family! It’s an emotional rollercoaster of a journey that ends with the placement of a child into your loving home that you get to parent, love and nurture for the rest of their lives!

I chose to grow my family by adopting when my daughter Caley was 6! It was a very exciting moment to Meet Liz at Adoption Options and start this new journey! Every team member at Adoption Options was amazing to deal with!

The hardest part I had imagined would be the waiting for “The Call” that said “You’ve been matched!”. Sadly I was wrong…the hardest part was the Wait AFTER you were matched and you were waiting so excitedly but so impatiently for this beautiful little soul to be born!

I received “The Call” in April of 2017. I remember I was in a client meeting and I started crying with such excitement that my client started crying with happiness for me! The Birth Mom wanted to meet me so I flew down to the USA to meet her with Caley and my mom. We had an amazing few days together and then the shock came….6 days before she gave birth to her daughter she messaged me and told me she had changed her mind and was going to keep the baby. I remember feeling all sorts of emotions like, I didn’t think this would happen to me, hurt, sadness and that I had truly lost a baby. Then I felt acceptance. I knew God would place me with the right baby and I needed to trust in the adoption system and have faith that I would be matched with the right little one.

Then 6 weeks later “The Call” came again…I remember very clearly exactly where I was, what I was doing and just how unbelievably excited I was all over again to be matched! The date was August 16, 2017 and the birth mom was due in 2 months. I was leaving 2 days later for vacation with Caley and was so excited that when we returned home we could get everything ready to fly to New Orleans and Pray this baby was placed!!

The very next day, August 17, 2017, was quite the surprising morning when I received the message of “She’s been born!!!! I think I literally jumped up and down and phoned West Jet and said Re-route me to New Orleans! I have my daughter to meet!

We flew down to New Orleans the very next morning and I was filled with such pride and joy when I met this 2 month premature, 3 pound baby girl in the NICU and held her and told her I was going to be her mommy! I spend the night visiting with the birth mom to which we have kept in constant communication for the past 3 years of little Zoey’s Life! Caley named her baby sister and they have such an incredible bond it seriously melts my heart!

After living a month in New Orleans, Zoey reached 4 pounds 2 ounces and we were given permission to fly home to Canada! She was the tiniest, most beautiful little peanut I have ever seen and I couldn’t wait to bring her home and show her off to the rest of my friends and family! Luckily when the border agents saw I was flying with what they called a “dolly” we were through customs with her Visa within 20 minutes and I was officially back home in Canada with my 2 amazing daughters and was ready to raise both of them to be kind, humble and amazing human beings!

Adoption is a beautiful way to grow your family and I am so blessed that I was matched with such an amazing little girl who has grown up to be this adorable, funny, smart and beautiful child that I am also lucky enough to share in an open adoption with her loving birth mom!

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