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You are HERE!

And with every feeling
that was ever felt,
everything happens.

That everything is YOU. 
That everything is US.

You are HERE.

AJ and Kimberly are elated and humbled to share the arrival of our deeply yearned for son, Rio Owen on August 15, 2017. We were thrilled to welcome him home on Kimberly’s birthday, August 18, 2017. There truly is no greater gift!!!

The depth of our gratitude to Rio’s incredibly generous and selfless birthmother is endless. The miracle she has bestowed to us has allowed our dream of parenthood to finally be a reality. We were privileged to be included in Rio’s delivery experience; AJ even cut the umbilical cord! We are so grateful that Rio’s wonderful birthmother is now a cherished member of our family and we look forward to growing our relationship with her in the season ahead.

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