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Welcoming Viraj

I left for India first week of January and we arrived home February 1st. We had some hiccups with immigration, and I had Covid, but we managed to get through it all. Viraj is doing amazing and is such a joy to be around!

If I can say anything about becoming a parent, it is that my life literally changed overnight. My old life does not exist (the same) anymore. The stress and unknowns of waiting 4 years to become a family was gone as soon as I had him in my arms (the exception being the stress of waiting in India to get his citizenship and return to Canada). Entering into a parent-child relationship went well, almost effortless. We bonded very quickly, and he seemed to trust me immediately. Becoming a parent has definitely changed my routine and requires going with the flow. Especially with a toddler that speaks a different language and comes from a very different place. But he is worth everything. He is sweet, affectionate, and funny. I am intrigued watching him explore his world and seeing the wonder he sees in everything, including snow and tobogganing!”

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