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Welcoming Brishti

Any words to describe how pleased we are to be home would fall flat as we are absolutely elated to be home, together as a family of four!!

The journey to India was incredible, emotional, exciting and still so hard that again words fail us in truly expressing it. Brishti is an absolute joy, and her transition has been nothing short of remarkable. She has quickly bonded and connected with Erin, Nico and myself. We are finding routines now that we’re home, and Erin and I both relish in our great fortune of getting to be her parents as she explores and experiences her new home, extended family, and environment. 

Family Day for us is August 6th, and we are happily settling back into life at home as a family of four! 

We received a match in late March, and to our surprise in mid June, we were summoned to be present in India for the court proceedings. We made arrangements, packed our bags, and prepared for our journey to meet our daughter. Things happened quickly after finalizing the court proceedings and meeting Brishti; and although our stay in India lasted 8 weeks, we had the good fortune to have her in our arms for the duration. She is precocious, sweet and affectionate. She’s a busy toddler who, with her big brother, fills our home with smiles, laughs and endless love.

Thank you all again for your help in our journey to complete our family 🙂 

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