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Welcome Katelyn

2020 will forever be a memorable year for us and not just because of COVID. We were called by Amanda on a Thursday in March to let us know the birthparents had selected us for placement so we made the 5 hour drive south to meet with our daughter and her first family. Four short days later, 7 week old Katelyn Rose Joy was placed in our arms. Becoming parents in the middle of a global pandemic was something we never expected but we wouldn’t change the experience for all the toilet paper in the world! We are beyond thrilled to be parents to our fierce, joyful, and curious little girl. She is a great addition to our team and we were thrilled to gift her with her very own jersey (we all cheer for Daddy’s team!). We are grateful for Katelyn’s birth mom and birth dad for selecting us and the ongoing relationship we have with them. We would like to thank Adoption Options- Amanda and Nathalie for all the support and for responding to every baby picture we’ve sent! We are so grateful for the role you’ve played in all our lives. 

Love,  The Greening 3 

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