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Welcome Jacob

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, we are so excited to welcome Jacob Daniel Mack-Simon and his Birth Parents into our family. Jacob was Born on October 23rd, 2019 at 6.6 lbs. 

We are so grateful to Jacob’s Birth Parents for choosing us, and for the amazing strong, and loving people that they are. When we met them for the first time we felt an instant connection and knew that this was the perfect match for us; the time that we spent waiting an wondering if this would ever happen faded away in an instant and we knew that it was this moment and this family that we were waiting for! 

We want to thank all of the medical professionals who were there to help Jacob in the first week of his life, we had an amazing experience with wonderful caring and amazing people who helped us in those first few days. 

We also cannot thank the staff at adoption options enough for the work that they do, and for helping us through all of the emotions that we went though and for supporting us through our tears of joy, and overwhelming emotions which just appear out of nowhere, you truly are amazing people.

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