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Welcome Earthside Margot Rose

Welcome to the world Margot Rose!

You came Earthside at 9:41pm on April 12, 2021 and were placed in our arms by your birthmom with more love, bravery and courage than we ever knew or imagined one person could possess the very next afternoon. You were only 35 weeks when you changed our lives forever and every second with you has been pure bliss. It was only five days after we were told our application for adoption had been approved when we got the call that your mom not only chose us but that you had already made your way into the world.

You weighed in at 2800g (6lbs, 2.77oz) and measured 43.5cm (17.13in). Just shy of two weeks in the NICU to make sure you kept growing and it was safe to take you home. You’ve settled in beautifully and Lilo the dog is already fiercely protective of you, never letting you out of his sight.

We are more grateful than you could imagine to your birthmom for choosing us, for feeling confident that we would raise you in a loving home. We are also so grateful to Erika and Amanda, the AO social workers who helped make this happen – and to Steph for putting up with our constant pestering about the status of our application. We are grateful to the caring and supportive staff in the NICU who have helped us take care of you. We are grateful to our family and friends who have supported us through these first few weeks. We couldn’t have done this without any of them. Mostly though, we are grateful for you and the immense joy you bring us every day as we watch you grow and explore the world around you!

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