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It’s the Moment that Changed Everything

It all started November 6, 2020. I (Chloe) was in the middle of coaching a hockey game when during intermission I looked down at my phone and seen I had an email to contact AO immediately. I frantically turned to my other coach and said “you are on your own” and bolted out of the dressing room. I grabbed my husband and as we get in the truck Erika calls… we had been chosen! Come to Edmonton tomorrow!!! I still get goosebumps reflecting on this moment. It’s the moment that changed everything…

It wasn’t until Friday the 13th of 2020 that we officially became Mom and Dad to not one, but two toddlers! The days in between were exhausting and overwhelming but really so amazing. The snow had us trapped in a hotel room in Edmonton and COVID made our little get away extra boring, but the wait, the hotel, the endless games of Yahtzee – worth it!

Ok the part you’ve all been waiting for… We are beyond pleased to introduce you to… Miss Lainey Marie who is 3 years old and Mr Ryan Alexander who is 2 years old! These kiddos are brave, wild, crazy, sweet and beyond kind. We love spending time outside in the snow, cruising back roads, having dance parties in the kitchen and sharing extra cuddles at night before bed.

Brandi and Trigger (the pups) are both so in love their new brother and sister! Trigger helps each night put both to bed and Brandi ensures no supper is left behind! Everyone is adapting well and fitting in just perfectly!!!

Adoption is a crazy ride. It’s a roller coaster unlike any other. It’s a mother and father sacrificing a piece of their hearts to fill a hole in another’s. It’s two families becoming one. It’s challenging, it’s exciting and it’s beyond rewarding when you tuck those littles into bed and they say those words “I love you Mommy and Daddy.” It’s 110% worth every up and every down you embark on your journey to get here.

With all our hearts, thank you Erika and Adoption Options. Our 2020 Christmas will forever be one that we will NEVER forget.


The Hassalls


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