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Introducing Reese

It is my humble honour to introduce Reese Nicole Piepgrass. Reese was lovingly placed in our arms by her exquisite Birthmother earlier this month. The journey to parenthood has been a very long and painful road. Reese is our miracle, and her Birthmom is miraculous. Josh and I are in continuous awe of her selflessness, love, humour and faith.

This is an open adoption. Reese’s Birthmother and birthfamily will be part of her story and continually part of her life.

When we (Reese’s Birthmom, Josh, and I) met, we discussed our deepest hopes for her. Her name is meant to reflect those hopes.

“Reese” is Welsh for enthusiasm and passion. We pray that this precious little human passionately and emphatically lives a life of discovery and wonder. We hope that she ardently uses her voice, practices courage, lives a life of enthusiastic curiosity and compassion, and embodies a spirit of adventure.

I think I have finally found something I love more than peanut butter. (And while she wasn’t named after my favourite treat, it was all too perfect!)

To all of you who have supported us, provided friendship, shared their stories, cried with us, expressed kind words of encouragement, prayed for us, shown love and generosity, or held ceremonies for us, we celebrate with you. You are cherished by our little family unit.

Thank you to Mackenzie at Adoption Options. You are forever in our hearts. You helped us bring our family together. Adoption Options is astonishing, providing free services to folks navigating unplanned pregnancy. While adoption is not the right choice for everyone, it was the right choice for us and for our Birthmom.

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