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Samuel & Sabrina

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Samuel & Sabrina’s Story

Hi! We are Samuel and Sabrina – To get an idea of who we are… I would say I’m a very caring and spontaneous person. I’ve been working in the healthcare field for over 10 years and I still love what I do. It makes me happy to have the opportunity to take care of people when they need it the most. 

As for Sam – how would I describe him?? He’s definitely an easy going, hardworking guy who also knows how to have lots of fun! He’s been working as a Sales Rep for years, and he really enjoys it – he’s a very personable person and is able to relate to people and his clients. 

For both of us, family, God, and friends are very important in our lives. We’ve been happily married since 2012 and we enjoy spending time together with our two dogs in the outdoors – going for hikes, or spending time with friends and family for BBQs and bonfires in our backyard during the summertime. We also spend time each week doing volunteer work, and that brings us a lot of joy too. Early in our relationship, we knew that having a family was something else that was very important to us. But even though I was born without a uterus and unable to have biological children, we knew that wouldn’t stop us from having a family. It just meant a different journey than most – but one that would still be just as unique and beautiful! 

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