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Joel & Bona

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Joel & Bona’s Story

Hello! We are Joel and Bona, and we have been married for over 2 years. Starting a family through adoption has always been a special desire we share. We hope to be able to raise a child in a warm and vibrant environment with the support of many friends and family, and to create a bond with the birth family that can surround the child with even more love. Joel currently works as a teacher, where he enjoys instilling a love of science and learning, and Bona works as a dentist, providing a wide array of dental services to patients, young and old. Together, we love hosting board game nights at our home, participating in our church community, and spending time with our three cats (Bokki, Taro, and BIngsoo!). Joel enjoys cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, working out, and gardening. Bona loves to read and journal, and planning group events and get-togethers with her many friends. We are so excited to begin this adoption journey, and we hope that in partnership with the birth family, that our child would be able to thrive and be happy all the days of their life.

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