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Jacob & Samantha

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Jacob & Samantha’s Story

Hey there! We are Jacob & Samantha, wonderful and energetic son James, and our goofy dog Thomas. We have been together for 15 years, where we’ve created a life full of laughter, heavy sarcasm, and a whole lot of love. We are family oriented and hope to continue to grow our family.

We enjoy spending time with family and friends; hiking, fishing, camping, golfing, playing cards, watching movies, & traveling. We live on an acreage where we spend our time outside gardening, raising chickens, and running around with Thomas. Sam is a dental hygienist who loves to help others, read, dance, cook & bake. Jacob is a police officer who is passionate about serving his community, hunting, playing hockey & video games. In 2021 we welcomed James through open adoption after struggling with infertility. James is quick to warm up to people, loves being around other kiddos, & being active. 

Through adoption we have added happiness, love, and purpose into our lives. As parents our goal is to truly LOVE OUT LOUD by being supportive, compassionate, and protective guides as our kids grow into who they truly are, no matter who that is or what that looks like.

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