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Bev’s Story

Dear Adoption Options:
I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone at Adoption Options, as well as to anyone involved in Open Adoption. It is almost three years ago that I met Kevin and Leslie. From that day, their honesty and positivity gave me hope for Elizabeth. As fast as the years have slipped by, I feel that in other ways, I’ve known them for a lifetime.

I will never experience the kind of fear again as when I first realized I was pregnant. Although the only fair option for Libby was adoption, along with my choice came society’s horrors — I must not want her; but maybe I’ll want her in a few years; I’m a bad person; her mom and dad will be bad people; and we’re all selfish! I thought just the opposite but it was difficult not to second guess myself even after pleading ignorance for those who had never been where I was. Happy to say we have not been approached yet for the movie of the week!

The most beautiful thing that I find about open adoption is that every person involved has a mutual devotion to one priceless individual. Kevin and Leslie reconfirm my decision every day. Elizabeth is a strong and confident little girl, taught to be by her mom and dad. They give her so much, things I couldn’t have, and instead of feeling loss or emptiness, they leave me in awe.

Kevin and Leslie are more open than I thought possible for any couple and I have an undying respect for them. Because of open adoption they touch my life every day, even if it is as simple as a thought. At one time in my life I could never imagine getting pregnant, then having to place my baby. Now I can’t imagine life without “my family”. I am often at a loss when speaking of them because love just doesn’t seem like a big enough word. They are three of my best friends and as Elizabeth grows, so will we.

Love Bev

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