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Amneet’s Story

My name is Amneet, and this is my open adoption story. Myself and my partner placed our son in July 2020. It was a very difficult thing to do, but we didn’t have a stable place or income and knew he would need more. After looking for resources to help me and my partner, through couch surfing at our friends and family’s places and staying at hotels, we found ourselves still struggling to meet our needs. With 2 months left to figure what we were going to do, we made the hardest but most loving choice to place our handsome baby boy for open adoption. Thankfully in that time we got to know the adoptive parents; it is no surprise that to this day they are so loving and treat us like family. Everything is going wonderful as planned, we see him regularly and are so happy to get to remain an important part of his life as he grows. Adoption Options was super welcoming, supportive, and helpful during the tough times and still is. Our son is living the life we hoped and dreamed for him; making this choice was the best thing we did. We are grateful to share parenthood with the adoptive parents.


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