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Adoption is Love

???? Maeve Ocean Ethel Stone ????

Kyle, Zoe and older siblings Hazel, Dekker and Radford are thrilled to have Maeve Ocean Ethel Stone join our family! She was born July 10, and weighed 7lb 1oz. The name Maeve means “the cause of great joy” and she is definitely living up to her name! She is the most darling baby with the sweetest little personality and we are all totally smitten with her! As an added bonus we get to have her amazing birth mom in our lives. She is a lovely person inside and out and we’re so grateful that she chose our family for Maeve. We keep feeling like it’s too good to be true – that we’re gonna wake up and realize it’s all just a really good dream. But she’s here, she’s ours, our family is complete and we couldn’t be happier! Thank you to Mackenzie and Adoption Options for the care and attention you gave Maeve’s wonderful birth mother and for the help we received to guide us through the process! #adoptionislove

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