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A Wonderful Gift

With long awaited joy and love in our hearts we, Brendan and Michelle,, are thrilled to announce the adoption of our beautiful baby boy!! Logan William James was born July 11, 2018 and lovingly placed in our arms July 13, 2018. Logan weighed 5lbs 12oz and was 49 cm long at birth.

Logan has made us a family, which is proof dreams really to come true. He’s a wonderful gift so precious, so little and so sweet. Our hearts are forever full and our lives complete. 

The miracle of adoption has truly touched us. Now, more than ever before, we believe the universe has a way of knowing when people belong together. We now not only have Logan in our lives but also his beautiful, strong and selfless birth mom and her family. We are truly humbled by her strength. No words or actions will ever express the gratitude and love we have for her and we look forward to continuing our life’s journey together. 

A big thank you to Nathalie, Barb, Darlene and the others at Adoption Options. Your support, encouragement and guidance throughout our long 5 year wait and especially through the past 2 months is greatly appreciated. To those still on the wait list…..we know for real how hard it is to be hopeful everyday but please believe the Adoption Options staff when they say the birth families will choose you when the time and match is right and when it does trust us….few events in life can compare to the joy!

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