Congratulations on Your Recent Placement!

Our adoption day family photo

Our adoption day family photo

Welcoming a new child into your family is a very exciting time. We get nearly as excited as you when that much awaited baby goes home with you but we know there is a lot to do and to think about at this time. The following page includes information you need to know and lists some of the websites we recommend you take a look at for additional information. 

Post Placement Visits

Following the 10 day revocation period, you will be contacted by one of our social workers to complete your post placement. The first post placement visit should take place within 21 days of placement.  The second meeting will be arranged once the court documents are ready for your signature. Your social worker can provide more information for you on this process.  If you have any questions or concerns at any time please feel free to call our office.

Post Placement Checklist:

  • Re-read the "Step by Step" section of your Preparing for Adoption Manual (provided to you at the pre-adoption seminar)
  • Apply for Parental Benefits with Employment Insurance
  • Arrange for a well-baby visit from your local health care nurse
  • Register your baby with the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan
  • Book your baby's vacinations
  • Apply for the Universal Child Care Benefit
  • Send us a copy of your birth announcement so we can share the exciting news!  Announcements can be sent to

Additional suggestions you may want to consider:

  • Apply for a Birth Certificate in your child's birth name
  • Apply for a Passport
  • Purchase a life book for your child or make your own
  • Begin attending our adoptive parents support group