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Wonderful Additions

We have been waiting for 4 years and are now pleased to have our family complete. Rohan 6yrs and Alexia 4yrs are a wonderful addition to our family. We have a lot of love, guidance, stability and care to offer them on their journey to becoming healthy, productive, purposeful adults. As well, these two are offering us opportunity to deepen our love and understanding and develop more compassion for the human spirit within each of us. Even as experienced parents we welcome the opportunity to grow and strengthen our skills and share our virtues.

It’s been a pleasure to be a part of many of their first experiences with us. In the past two weeks, the kids have enjoyed, sledding, making snow forts, riding bikes, and exploring the many things on our acreage from the buds on the trees to the geese searching for a nesting place along the pond out front. It’s heartfelt to see the wonder in their eyes, and excitement when they wake each morning to a new day of discovery!

Thanks for all you do!
Bob & Lisa

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