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The Tobin Family

After years of trying to conceive without any definite answers as to what the issue was, and having a multitude of tests and surgeries to try to remedy it, my husband and I decided to turn our attention to adoption. 

I had previously heard of Adoption Options (AO) through a co-worker and fellow adoptive parent so I printed the application from the AO website. I knew when completing the application process that the ethnicity of the child would not matter to us as a family, and that we would love any baby that we were chosen for. 

Transracial adoption

Transracial adoption can seem like a daunting endeavour at best. When you sit and try to think of all the ways you can support your child in their cultural journey and answer the questions on the cultural plan paperwork, it can seem so overwhelming. 

I’m humbled and honoured to be on this beautiful journey with these two kiddos. Our children are both Cree and we have been on a learning journey together for almost 10 years. 

Cultural involvement  

We’ve been welcomed to attend events at the Native Friendship Centre, taken part in a language learning program, accepted an invitation to a traditional naming ceremony and were welcomed at cultural events such as round dances and powwows. The most special thing for me was being gifted my first ribbon skirt, which I proudly wear when I attend ceremonies and events with my children. 

I am in awe of the acceptance I have received from the Indigenous People’s in our family‚Äôs region and the opportunities that have been made possible for our family to ensure the continuation of our cultural involvement. I am proud to be part of this beautiful and special community. 

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