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My Unique Upbringing

I always knew about my unique beginning. My birth mother, already caring for two
young children, made the profound decision to place me for adoption, hoping to give me a better life than both she, and my birth father felt they could provide. This was a fact of my life, shared openly and with love by my adoptive parents and family from the start.

This early understanding of my adoption shaped my view of the world and myself. It instilled in me a strong sense of gratitude towards both my birth and adoptive families.

“My birth family courageously gave me this life, despite the pain it caused them. My adoptive parents
embraced every opportunity to provide me with a rich and nurturing environment.”

Ky Harper

Love of learning

They fostered my curiosity and love of learning, taking me on travels across Honduras,
Hawaii, and road trips to various states in the U.S., enriching my education with real-world

Fueled by these experiences and the supportive environment at home, I pursued higher
education passionately. I earned a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Psychology and a
Bachelor of Education, degrees that equipped me to follow my dream of teaching.

Now, as a secondary teacher I bring my journey full circle by helping the next generation
with their journey through life. My classroom is a reflection of my worldview and life
lessons—embracing diversity, encouraging curiosity, and valuing every individual’s story.

Power of family

In every aspect of my life, I carry a deep appreciation for the choices made by my birth
mother and the opportunities created by my adoptive family.

Growing up with a brother and sister who became my best friends, and now their spouses
and children who add even more joy to our family, has reinforced my belief in the power of
family, whether by blood or by bond.

Each day, I am reminded of the immense impact of their decisions, and I strive to live
fully, embracing the love and opportunities that have been afforded to me.

“My story, grounded in the acts of love from both families, has allowed me to lead a
fulfilling life enriched by strong family bonds and diverse experiences.”

Ky Harper
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