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Sean & Matthew

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Sean & Matthew’s Story

Sean & Matthew got married in 2015 and have been happily in love ever since. From the start, they each knew that they’d like to raise children together. They’re excited to grow their little family, and each agreed that adoption was how they wanted to do it!

Their first date was during the massive flood in Calgary in 2013, during which time they spent several hours walking and chatting. Matthew taught Sean to tango, and Sean talked about painting and art history. In the time between then and now, they have supported each other and helped one another achieve things neither had previously dreamed possible. In 2016 they went to chiropractic school together, and now own and work in their own chiropractic clinic.

Matthew loves to dance and play board games. Sean loves to paint and draw. Together, they enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons, go rock climbing, and have three very cute dogs. They are committed to living a healthy, active lifestyle, and can’t wait to welcome a new member to their family.

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