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Marek & Martina

Waiting Families

Marek & Martina’s Story

Our names are Martina and Marek. We are a good-humoured, forward-thinking, and supportive couple who have been dreaming of growing a family for a long time. We would love to share our life with a child and provide them with every opportunity to grow, learn and succeed. We believe that each family is unique. Having a child in ours would be such a joy and a blessing. 

Professionally, Martina works as an early childhood teacher and Marek is a procurement specialist for a post-secondary institution. 

We are multi-lingual, and in our spare time, Marek enjoys practicing guitar and Martina likes to bake. Together, we like traveling, exploring, fishing, hiking and quiet activities such as reading and relaxing. We also love spending time with our family and friends to celebrate holidays and traditions. 

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