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Kyle & Brady

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Kyle & Brady’s Story

Hi everyone! We are Kyle and Brady. We began dating in 2006 when we both lived in residence at University. We fell in love quickly and, because we were so young, it was almost like we grew up together. During our University days we developed a close circle of friends who we still hang out with today, and we found hobbies that we enjoyed doing together – like cooking, hiking, traveling, and reading. In 2012 Kyle proposed – very romantically – and of course Brady said yes! In 2020 we celebrated another family milestone as we welcomed our son into our lives.

Our son has been the greatest blessing in our life. He is such a happy, positive, and sociable little guy! We feel certain that having a little brother or sister for him will make our family complete. We look forward to helping him and his future sibling navigate the many ups and downs of life and to inspire them to become the best people possible! The child who we will welcome into our home and hearts will know that they are so special, with both an adoptive and a birth family that loves them.

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