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Julio & Nicole

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Julio & Nicole’s Story

We are Nicole and Julio. 

Julio is originally from the Dominican Republic and Nicole is a born and raised Alberta farm girl.  We’ve been together over 11 years, married for 9.  We have one cat, a very spoiled princess named Minion.  We both were teachers but have since changed careers to make more time for our family and marriage.  Julio is now a legal assistant and Nicole has been a medical office assistant for the last 6 years.  Both of us are fluent in French and in English.  Julio also speaks Spanish as that was his first language growing up. 

We always wanted to adopt, but after Nicole’s diagnosis of infertility, we moved up our plans to learn more about adoption and begin our adoption journey.

We love to go camping and fishing with Nicole’s family and travel back to the Dominican to see Julio’s family and friends.  We love gardening and cooking together.  Cooking together is one way that we truly bond.  This allows us to grow own produce to eat and to use in our new venture of selling jams, jellies, pickles & baked goodies as well as Christmas ornaments at the Farmers’ Market.  We spend a lot of time in the country at Nicole’s family farm and will be planting our own orchard there for more fruit.  We also have a large garden there.  We love spending time with friends either having dinner together or playing cards. 

Julio loves to sing and dance.  This entertains the neighbours as he does it all the time when he’s cutting the lawn or gardening.  Nicole’s passions are writing, cooking, and reading.  Nicole is working on a novel in between all her other projects as a way to unwind.  

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