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Joshua & Paula

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Joshua & Paula’s Story

Hi! We are Joshua and Paula. We have been a couple since 2007, and have been married since 2011. Paula is a Registered Nurse and Joshua is a welder, and both enjoy their chosen professions. 

Our favorite hobbies include camping, quadding, hiking, and snowshoeing. We especially love the summers where we attend various festivals. Family is a very important part our life, so we love to host family whenever we get the chance. Paula has taken up the art of book folding and really enjoys this during her downtime. Joshua especially loves bike riding and can be found spending time tinkering in the garage. 

Having such a close relationship with our families has shown us there is always room for others. Our greatest desire is to expand our family within our home and adoption is the right fit in helping us make that happen. Being part of an open adoption would make the expansion of our family so much more meaningful. Joshua and Paula.

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