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Joshua & Karen

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Joshua & Karen’s Story

We are delighted to introduce ourselves, and to shed some light on our lives and journey towards the decision to build our family through adoption. Our names are Josh and Karen, and our love story began in the fall of 2014 with a mutual admiration for nature, where we quickly found hobbies to participate in together such as hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and kayaking. We bought our first house together soon after meeting, and filled our house with a playful dog, Molly, and an affectionate cat, Mouse. We recently moved to an adorable acreage where we hope to raise some chickens and tend to our small slice of gardening paradise!

Karen works as a registered nurse, and finds great fulfillment in serving others and helping people in their time of need. She also teaches yoga and meditation part-time, as she values both the physical and spiritual benefits of these practices and enjoys sharing this passion with students. She wishes to continue exploring her fascination with new cultures and cuisines through travel, and dreams of working as flight nurse or in a medical mission overseas!

Josh works in transportation, working diligently to improve the lives of daily city commuters through maintenance and assembly of important vehicles and trains, and he is also an electrician by trade. He is incredibly handy and enjoys building and creating things with his own skills and labor. When he isn’t crafting something new, he enjoys spending time in nature and savors relaxation time at home.

Our dream to start a family has spanned over the last 8 years, and we continue to remain hopeful in this journey! Our lives involve adventures, travel, and so much love, which we wish to share with our future child. We want to provide a nourishing, stable, and nurturing environment for a child.

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