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Jordy & Sam

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Jordy & Sam’s Story

We are Jordy, a quick-witted and positive entrepreneur, and Sam(antha), a patient and energetic teacher who grew up in a small town. During our 18 years together we have enjoyed many adventures, as well as the simple things in life. Traveling to new places, catching a hockey game, cooking a tasty meal and spending time at the family cabin are some favourites! Our families are incredibly supportive and very important to us both. Jordy is one of four children and Sam is an only child, so our childhoods were unique but they both included love, laughter and many memories. We can’t wait to make our own memories with a little one by sharing some of those positive experiences, such as playing team sports, going to the zoo, skipping rocks on the river and camping with friends.

Our fertility journey has been long and challenging, but we would love nothing more than to become parents, raising a confident and happy child. Our home, our family, our friends and our relationship is full of love and waiting for a child to join us. We are honored to be considered as the people who you may entrust to join the team to love and protect your child forever.

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We are here to give dedicated, unbiased support. We are inclusive, and everyone involved is treated with dignity, respect and absolute honesty. By reaching out to us, we promise you can make an informed decision and the right decision for you. Reach out to us today.

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