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Jordan & Stephanie

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Jordan & Stephanie’s Story

Hi, thank you for considering our profile. We are Jordan and Steph, a happily married couple in our early 30’s. Originally from the east coast, we’ve been together since we were 19 and have built a life that we love in Alberta. We live in a cozy home in the suburbs along with our three cats – Thomas, Ellie, and Benny. Steph enjoys music, staying active at the gym, and loves all things girly – nails, hair, home décor, shopping, and girls’ nights. Jordan enjoys video games, golf, reading, movies, and staying active at the gym.

As a couple we are laid back and approach life with humor and optimism. We always make sure to enjoy all the little things life has to offer. We value family over everything and we’re so excited to have this opportunity to one day be chosen to become mom and dad through the open adoption process. We know that we will provide a loving, safe, happy, and fun family for a child to grow up in. We can’t wait to have a baby tag along on all of our favorite activities like Sunday brunch, spending time at our family cottage in PEI, celebrating holidays, and everything in between.

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