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Jonathan & Tasha

Waiting Families

Jonathan & Tasha’s Story

He is Jonathan + She is Tasha

He loves spending his time woodworking, fishing, watching anything Pixar, and playing music on his guitar or mandolin. Jonathan is a goof with a heart of gold.

She loves spending her time baking, taking photos, and creating art always while listening to music. Tasha is quirky with a heart of empathy.

Together we love spending time enjoying family and friends, playing games, peddle boating and adventuring to a new hidden gem café. We are a balance of creativity and practicality. Always up for a spur of the moment experience. Our favourite part of life is the in-between of the big moments, where things are small and quiet.

We hold the hope that adoption will not just grow family in the walls of our home but also encompass an involved and close relationship with our birth family, much like in-laws in marriage, taking time to build, yet instantly existing. We believe it beneficial to share our child’s story with them from the moment we meet. We are excited to see what story God is authoring and perfecting for our family. We are humbled at the thought of guiding a growing soul through this life. It is our understanding that it is both, the broken and the beautiful that will build our family.

Hugs from our hearts to yours,

Jonathan + Tasha

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